Well Everyone, Here’s That New As I Lay Dying Song You May Or May Not Have Wanted


We think the title of this article sums things up pretty well. So, for those who are interested, continue reading. For those who aren’t, we don’t blame you. 

Now, for the first time since late 2012 – you know, since vocalist Tim Lambesis’ stint with anabolic steroids lead him to try and hire a hitman to kill his wife – As I Lay Dying has released new music. 

While no word has been made as to who is officially in the band just yet, as apparently all that will be coming out tomorrow, a new As I Lay Dying track titled “My Own Grave” has been leaked. The track, which we’ll admit is pretty solid, was released earlier this morning in Japan since technically, it is Friday over there.

Anyway, to check out “My Own Grave,” be sure to see below. Afterward, be sure to come back tomorrow as the band is rumored to make their official announcement then.