As I Lay Dying Share Mini-Documentary In Support of Mental Health Awareness

Note: For those who are interested in watching a new documentary from As I Lay Dying, continue reading. For those who aren’t, may we suggest other viewing material here

In support of Mental Health Awareness month, As I Lay Dying has teamed up with Jake Luhrs’ (August Burns Red) online non-profit HeartSupport to share a mini-documentary following the recent reformation of the band after frontman Tim Lambesis’ was released on parole for pleading guilty to solicitation of murder.

To watch the new 15-minute clip and read what the band had to say about it, be sure to look below.   

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness month, a time committed to raising awareness and resources for people struggling with all forms of mental illness, we’ve partnered with Heart Support to share a video detailing more of the personal side of our experiences through the years. We wanted to share this part of our story exclusively through an outlet that exists to provide emotional support for anyone dealing with inner turmoil. Whether it’s with addiction, suicidal thoughts, depression, or abuse, we believe in the community they’ve created to connect with those who are in need of recovery or healing.

Through this video, our goal is to share our experiences so that others going through troubled times know there is help around even when feeling desperate and alone. Healing can be a long and indefinite journey. It is one we are continuously proactive in walking towards personally and together. Our past has shown us there are devastating consequences in leaving emotional and mental turmoil unaddressed. Our hope is to highlight the importance of actively seeking help, directing traffic towards a resource for doing so, and encouraging anyone who knows they need it to take the first step.

With Love and Gratitude,

-Jordan, Nick, Phil, Josh, Tim