Weird Wednesdays: 8/6/14


Welcome back everyone! If you haven’t noticed, today’s Wednesday. Also, if you really haven’t noticed, we have a new Weird Wednesday mascot for the month of August! For those who may be new to this, today is the day we share some material that you may not find on your typical “hardcore blog.” So, before we begin, let us remind you: THERE ARE NO BREAKDOWNS IN TODAY’S MUSIC.

After listening to today’s batch of tunes, tweet us at @thenoise and let us know which songs you enjoyed the most.  

See you next week! 

Stanley and the Search – “Anatomy”

Los Angeles’ own Stanley and the Search are everything you’d want in a band. They are loud, passionate and very skilled musicians. “Anatomy” is a prime example of just that. The catchy track hits you with a wave of emotion and proceeds to suck you in with blistering drum beats and an infectious chorus. If you don’t believe us, give it a listen for yourself. Afterwards, be sure to pick up their new album Weightless off Take This to Heart Records.    

Joyce Manor – “Catalina Fight Song”

Make sure not to blink as you may miss Joyce Manor’s new track “Catalina Fight Song.” Weighing in at a mere 65 seconds, “Catalina Fight Song” surprisingly has a lot packed in to it for such a short track. Matter of fact, the same can be said for their latest 19-minute full-length album, Never Hungover Again. True to Joyce Manor form, Never Hungover Again keeps things short and sweet yet totally awesome.

Adventures – “Promise”

Browsing through the upcoming Fest schedule, we waltzed upon a band called Adventures. After doing a little research, we were left pretty astonished. Adventures is a five-piece pop rock act from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Nothing too crazy there. However, after searching a little deeper, we discovered that Adventures has three of the same members from last week’s If You Don’t Know, Now You Know artist of the week, Code Orange. Yes, the same Code Orange that wants to rip your face off with brutal hardcore music also has members who are a part of this chilled-out rock quartet. Take a listen to both acts and let us know which you like best!

State Faults – “Wildfires”  

For those who label State Faults as just a modern day screamo act, we’re here to tell you that’s a bit of a cop out.  When it comes to this northern California band, they are more than meets the eye (and ear, we guess). State Faults may offer a bit of what screamo was back in the mid 2000’s, but what makes them so special is that they fuse that bit of old screamo influence with today’s sounds of melodic hardcore– they even include a pinch of pop-punk too. In short, State Faults’ sound is pretty diverse and we think you really need to check it out. For more on this act, look up their 2013 release, Resonate/Desperate.  

Crown Cardinals – “The Weight of Secrets”

Crown Cardinals are probably one of the heaviest acts to make it to the Weird Wednesday lineup thus far. Now, that’s definitely not a bad thing, we’re just letting you know ahead of time. With a sound similar to Saosin or Emarosa in “The Weight of Secrets” specifically, we have to say we’re quite impressed with this French five-piece. The self-proclaimed “melodic metalcore” they put out in this track is phenomenal. Their ability to balance the clean and harsh vocals is great and not to mention the feature from Our Last Night’s Trevor Wentworth makes “The Weight of Secrets” a must-hear. For more from Crown Cardinals, check out their new album, Devotion.