Watch Joyce Manor Play The Creepiest, Murder-Rific House Party In New “Last You Heard Of Me” Music Video

California alt-punk outfit Joyce Manor is no stranger to house parties. Whether they’re playing them or crashing them, the four Torrence 20-year-old somethings certainly have their fair share of experiences under their possibly-studded, maybe-white, potentially-shoelace belts. However, when it comes to the band’s latest music video for “Last You Heard Of Me,” we’re pretty sure no amount of partying could prepare the Epitaph Records signees for what they were about to encounter. 

Without giving too much away, imagine a modern-day murder mystery based on the board game Clue (or movie, if your cinematic knowledge goes back that far) featuring Joyce Manor. 

To check out the eerie new visual, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order Joyce Manor’s forthcoming album Cody before it hits stores this Friday.