Weird Wednesday: November Recap


Well folks, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday right around the corner, that means the month of November is coming to an end. So, like we do at the end of every month, we’ve compiled all our favorite videos and bands from previous weeks and put them together to create a little recap to remember the month that was.  

Now for those of you who are new to this and have no idea what’s going on, let us break it down for you: Wednesday is the day we like to feature tracks that you wouldn’t find on your typical “hardcore blog,” thus making them a bit “weird” for the average hard rock listener. If you’re still confused, let us simplify it for you: THERE ARE NO BREAKDOWNS IN ANY OF THESE SONGS. 

That said, be sure to check out the tunes below and let us know on Twitter @thenoise which songs you’ve enjoyed the most.

Stay weird everyone, we’ll see you next month!

Meat Wave – “Brother”

If you only listen to one song in this week’s Weird Wednesday gaggle of tunes, you better make sure it’s “Brother” by Meat Wave. Now no disrespect to the other bands, but this song is just a perfect fast-paced punk-ish jam that your ears will want to hear over and over again. Plus, we have to admit, the music video for this song gives us the hee bee gee bees – but in a good way, if that’s possible… Anyways, if you’re into Ima Robot or Billy Talent, you’re gonna love this song.

I Kill Giants – “Collector”

If we were to tell you a band was able to combine Blink 182, the Fall of Troy, Dance Gavin Dance,  Maps & Atlases, Brand New and La Dispute all together into one album, you’d probably laugh, call us scum, spit on our shoes and walk away. However friends, we say keep your filthy germs to yourselves because I Kill Giants has done just that. While it’s hard to demonstrate all their skills in just one song, “Collector” – besides being your next favorite song – is a great example of these genre-blending bandits at work. However, in order to get everything (and trust us, we mean everything) I Kill Giants has to offer, you better make sure you listen to their self-titled album on Bandcamp.       

Masked Intruder – “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight”

Besides being one of the best music videos we’ve ever seen, “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight” is also one of the catchiest pop-punk tracks we’ve ever fallen in love with. And trust us, we don’t throw the “L” word around very loosely. Anyways, if you’re unfamiliar with these disguised delinquents for some weird reason, you can thank us later for introducing you to your next favorite band. Lastly, if you’d like to check out Masked Intruder’s latest albums, you can do so by heading here.    

Signals Midwest – “St. Vincent Charity”

If you’re going through tough times right now, there’s a chance this song will be the soundtrack to your life. Hell, even if you’re not going though tough times, this song could still be the soundtrack to your life. Yeah, it’s that good. As heartfelt as ever, Signals Midwest really let their emotions go with their track, “St. Vincent Charity.” For more songs like the life-changing tune above, be sure to check out their Wherever I Might Land EP on Bandcamp.   

Runaway Brother – “Blueberries”

Everyone meet the post-punk up-and-comers Runaway Brother. They’re from Cleveland, Ohio, they make rad music and they’re signed to Tiny Engines. With their debut LP Mother set to come out soon, we expect to be seeing these guys a lot more in the future. For now, let your ears in on some “Blueberries.”