Weird Wednesday: Best of January 2015


Friends of friends of friends, welcome to the final Wednesday of January! Like we’ve always done in the past, today we have compiled all of our favorite jams featured this month for you all to reminisce through.

Now, if you’re new to this and have no idea what’s going on, let us explain: Every Wednesday we post five of our favorite “weird” tracks we find searching through the web. And, by “weird,” we simply mean tracks you metalcore kids might not usually listen to. Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because the songs below do not have any breakdowns, screams or whatever the hell this is. We know it sounds scary, but please just trust us on this one.

That said, be sure to check out what’s below and let us know on Twitter @thenoise which songs you liked the most.

Enjoy and we’ll see you next month!

Foley! - “Friends Who Are Lesbian”

It isn’t very often that we come across a song where right after we hear it we immediately have to hear it again. “Friends Who Are Lesbian” by Foley! is an example of just that. As soon as we heard this whimsical Australian act sing “I love sleeping in bed with my friends who are lesbian” and end it with “because we’re so fucking yuck and filled with germs,” we knew we were hooked. To hear more from these Aussie goofballs, check out their latest full-length Ascot Vale which includes tracks like “That’s What She Said” and “You Sunk My Battleship.”   

Heart Attack Man - “Undoubtedly”

With a little throwback to the 90’s alternative scene, “Undoubtedly” by Heart Attack Man is a very solid middle-of-the-week jam. You know that jam where you can flip it on, sit back in your work chair and just chill for a bit? Yeah, well, it kind of hits us just like that. Out of Cleveland, OH, Heart Attack Man (who may or may not be named after this Beastie Boys track) is getting ready to play a gig with Epitaph Records’ newly signed act, The Sidekicks. Which, if you’re wondering, could very well be the big break this act needs. So, in anticipation of what could be a very big year for HAM (please no Kanye “H.A.M" references), check here for more music.  

Captain Squeegee - “Inevitable”    

From the sweaty streets of Tempe, AZ, Captain Squeegee (formally known as Captain Squeegee and the Soap Suds) is quite possibly Arizona’s next breakout act. Drawing similarities to Thank You Scientist and possibly even Circa Survive just a tad, what’s not to love about this former ska act? We mean, c’mon: claymation, aliens and a horn section all in one music video? What more could you ask for? Oh, and did we mention they also have a web series based on lucid dreaming? Yeah, we weren’t fooling around calling these guys Arizona’s next big thing. For more, be sure to listen to their latest release To The Bardos here.  

Smile and Burn - “Expectations”

Out of Berlin, Germany, Smile and Burn may just be our new favorite power-pop band. We mean just listen to them! Drawing similarities to Motion City SoundtrackBilly Talent and Man Overboard, what’s not to love about them? Oh and did we also mention, they have an interesting fascination with posing in the nude? Yeah, well, they also have that going for them too. To check out their extremely fun and catchy-as-fuck record, Action Action, head here.    

New Swears - “Stay Gold”

Every time we turn on New Swears’ record Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whenever we immediately get the sudden urge to drop everything we’re doing and start to party. So, the fact that we were able to complete this week’s post in time is nothing short of a miracle. That said, whether it was their intention or not, New Swears has easily become our go-to beach party band. Who cares if they’re from Ottwa where there aren’t very many beaches around, these dudes make us want to scream cowabunga at the top of our lungs and ride a wave or two.