Weird Wednesday: 2/18/15


Hello everyone! Welcome back to your weekly dose of all things slightly off.

If you’re new to this and have no idea what’s going on, let us explain: Every Wednesday we post five of our favorite “weird” tracks we find searching through the web. And, by “weird,” we simply mean tracks you metalcore kids might not usually listen to. Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because the songs below do not have any breakdowns, screams or whatever the hell this is.

We know it sounds scary, but please just trust us on this one.

That said, be sure to check out what’s below and let us know on Twitter @thenoise which songs you liked the most.

Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

Noise Brigade - “Adventure”

Generally when we think about pop-punk, we tend to think about the hot, sweaty, beach-filled days of summer — not the cold, gloomy, winter nights of Anchorage, Alaska. So for Noise Brigade to rise above the frigid Alaskan cold and produce joyous toe-tapping tracks, we give them mad props. To hear more songs like the catchy tune “Adventure”, be sure to head here.    

Dune Rats - “Superman”

Whether it’s your too-cool-for-school dad, your 5th grade math teacher or your short-shorts-wearing t-ball coach, everyone has their very own version of a modern-day Superman. And, in case of the Australian rockers Dune Rats, their Superman just happens to be crowd surfers. “This video is dedicated to every Superman and deadset legend” the band wrote on their YouTube page. “The chicks and the fellas, the mad dog of every crew, to the lords and lady hellmen at every show crowd surfing & stage diving - YEW !” Yeah, that about sums it up.       

Melted - “Old Lady Avenue”

Creating fuzzy party rock in the key of not-giving-a-fuck, Melted is a crew of free-spirited lads just looking to have a good time. We mean c’mon, just look at how much fun their having eating nachos, playing laser tag and dominating at some mini-golf. It’s almost as if their back in Jr. High trying to impress their cute next-door-neighbor Carol. But that’s neither here nor there. The moral of this random lapse of sentence making is that Melted rocks; end of story.    

Mannequin Pussy - “My Baby (Axe Nice)”

For fans of RVIVR, Chumped and Cayetana (all previously featured on Weird Wednesday), this rowdy threesome may be right up your ally. Following a similar indie-pop meets punk-ish formula, Mannequin Pussy is upbeat ball of energy any angsty hipster can get down to. To hear more, you can head to band’s Bandcamp page here.    

Icarus The Owl - “Black Fish”

Math rock is and will forever be a genre of music we are completely infatuated with. The sound of tapping guitar tones is like candy to our ears (or however that cliche goes). Currently unsinged, Icarus The Owl is slowly starting to build quite the reputation for themselves. After releasing their third full-length album last year, it’s only a matter of time until these gents become a household name.