Weird Wednesday: Best of 2014 Part 1

All year it has been a complete joy to bring you music that was fun, exciting and sometimes a little strange for our weekly Weird Wednesday segment.

Now that the year is finally reaching it’s last few weeks, we thought it would be fun to look back at our favorite non-breakdown/metalcore tracks and compile them into a “Best of 2014” list.

So, starting today and concluding through the rest of the year, join us as we pay respect to the best of the best Weird Wednesday has brought us.

Disclaimer: Not all tracks were released in 2014, some we were just a little too slow in figuring out that they existed. Yeah, so deal with it. 

Real Friends - “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

You’re witnessing a movement here, folks. If you haven’t already noticed the high volume of pop-punk that’s swept over The Noise lately, you need to open your eyes. Streamlining this pop-punk movement are bands like the one you see before you, Real Friends. Signed to Fearless Records, these dudes are tearing up the hearts of teens all across the world with tracks just like, “I Don’t Love You Anymore.” Their brand new album, Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing is in stores now.

The Moms - “Miss America” 

Now, what’s better than a post-punk band singing about America? Maybe a symbolic music video accompanying that post-punk band as they rescue Miss America from being tortured by Uncle Sam? Yeah, that’s the ticket. If you can’t get enough of “Miss America” and want more from this New Jersey trio, The Moms, go pick up their debut full-length, Buy American.    

I Kill Giants - “Collector”

If we were to tell you a band was able to combine Blink 182, the Fall of Troy, Dance Gavin Dance,  Maps & Atlases, Brand New and La Dispute all together into one album, you’d probably laugh, call us scum, spit on our shoes and walk away. However friends, we say keep your filthy germs to yourselves because I Kill Giants has done just that. While it’s hard to demonstrate all their skills in just one song, “Collector” – besides being your next favorite song – is a great example of these genre-blending bandits at work. However, in order to get everything (and trust us, we mean everything) I Kill Giants has to offer, you better make sure you listen to their self-titled album on Bandcamp.  

The Smith Street Band – “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams”

Sadly enough, some of us have people in our lives telling us we’re never going it make it. Whether we chose the wrong college, are dating the wrong people or went down the wrong career path, there’s always going to be doubters trying to bring us down. Instead of giving in, our advice for those doubters is to simply echo the sounds of The Smith Street Band and shout, “Don’t fuck with our dreams!” In addition to straining your vocal chords to the sounds of these unruly gents, might we also suggest purchasing their EP also titled Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams. We hear it works wonders on self-esteem.

Joyce Manor – “Catalina Fight Song”

Make sure not to blink as you may miss Joyce Manor’s new track “Catalina Fight Song.” Weighing in at a mere 65 seconds, “Catalina Fight Song” surprisingly has a lot packed in to it for such a short track. Matter of fact, the same can be said for their latest 19-minute full-length album, Never Hungover AgainTrue to Joyce Manor form, Never Hungover Again keeps things short and sweet yet totally awesome.