Weird Wednesday: 9/10/14

Welcome back everyone to the ninth installment of Weird Wednesday! Yes, you read that correctly. Today’s post will make this nine straight weeks of bringing you the weird.

For those of you who haven’t been following along, today is the day we share some material that you may not find on your typical “hardcore blog.” So, before we begin, let us forewarn you: THERE ARE NO BREAKDOWNS IN TODAY’S MUSIC.  

After listening to today’s batch of tunes, be sure to tweet us at @thenoise and let us know which songs you enjoyed the most.  

See you next week! 

Restorations – “Separate Songs”

From the Philly Phanatic and cheesesteak sandwiches, to the Fresh Prince and LOVE Park, Philadelphia has produced a pretty impressive list of things over the years. Included in that list is without a doubt the alternative rock act, Restorations. Drawing similarities to East Coast heavyweights, the Gaslight Anthem, Restorations offer a similar heartfelt howl and rockin’ sound that has been made popular by Gaslight’s Brian Fallon. Now, if Restorations’ follow up to last year’s release of LP2 - which is rightfully titled LP3 and comes out this October – sounds anything like “Separate Songs,” these Philly natives may give Gaslight a run for their money as the best alternative rock record of 2014.          

Lonely the Brave – “Victory Line”

“Victory Line” by the U.K’s Lonely the Brave is by far one of the most captivating yet also dark and depressing music videos we’ve ever seen. Filled with blood, self-sacrifice, a talking wolf and an incredibly shocking ending, this video stirs up all kinds of different emotions. If you’re feeling up for it, we strongly suggest giving this video a view. However, if you’re having a pretty great day so far and don’t feel like taking a trip on the bummer train, we advise just listening to the tune here instead.

Grey Gordon – “Target”

Grey Gordon’s new full-length, Forget I Brought it Up, was released just a little over a week ago. Already in that short amount of time, we here at the Noise cannot get enough of it. Zeroing in on our favorite track off the album, “Target” is an up-beat, head-nodding tune that may or may not be about someone’s poor attempt of a musical career. With opening lyrics like, “Do you ever wonder how you haven’t made it somewhere by now ” and “You’ve been paying dues since 17 and yet no one remembers you,” it’s probably safe to make that assumption. Nonetheless, whatever the song is about, “Target” is a great listen and we think your ears need to hear it.      

The Smith Street Band – “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams”

Sadly enough, some of us have people in our lives telling us we’re never going it make it. Whether we chose the wrong college, are dating the wrong people or went down the wrong career path, there’s always going to be doubters trying to bring us down. Instead of giving in, our advice for those doubters is to simply echo the sounds of The Smith Street Band and shout, “Don’t fuck with our dreams!” In addition to straining your vocal chords to the sounds of these unruly gents, might we also suggest purchasing their EP also titled Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams. We hear it works wonders on self-esteem.

Transit – Weathered Souls

In anticipation of Transit’s new album, Joyride, which is set to be released next month on Rise Records, we’re bringing you one of our favorite tunes off last year’s full-length, Young New England. We’ll be honest, what got us hooked to “Weathered Souls” had to be its chorus. It’s catchy as hell and well, what can we say, we’re a sucker for catchy choruses. Adding to this song’s charm, the track also includes a delightful ending. Besides adoring catchy chorus, we also have a soft spot for sing-a-long endings.