Weird Wednesday: 12/10/14


Hello again and welcome back to Weird Wednesday! We have a great lineup for you all today that we’re sure you’re going to just love, love, love! 

Now, if you’re new to this, let us explain: By “weird” we simply mean we’ll be featuring a few tracks you metalcore kids might not usually listen to. Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because the songs below do not have any breakdowns, that’s why. We know it sounds scary, but please just trust us on this one.

That said, be sure to check out what’s below and let us know on Twitter @thenoise which songs you like the most.

Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

Dependence - “Everything Blends”

Okay, okay, we know: This isn’t the usual Weird Wednesday track we typically feature around here. If you’re looking for the strange multicolored video featuring a man alone in his RV eating raw meat, don’t worry we definitely have that for you later. For now, turn your attention to Dependence. When we first came across this Touché Amoré meets Dance Gavin Dance quintet out of Fresno, CA, we knew immediately that we had to feature them. We mean c’mon, just listen to them. They’re fantastic! Frenetic, yet melodic, aggressive, yet ultra groovy; these dudes have it all. Now, if you’re like us and want to hear more, we highly recommend that you head to their Bandcamp page here.     

Apocalypse Meow - “MVP”

This, whether it’s a joke band or not, belongs in the Weird Wednesday Hall of Fame. Not only is the name of this band one of the best band names ever, ever, but they also have one of the coolest album names too. Baseball and Alcohol by Apocalypse Meow, now who doesn’t love that? And not to mention, Baseball and Alcohol's album cover is pretty rad as well featuring former New York Mets slugger, Darryl Strawberry. Well done, guys. You'll be getting our Weird Wednesday MVP vote for sure. To check out more from these baseball fanatics, head here

If we were to pick a song and/or band to describe the perfect Weird Wednesday vibe we’re looking for each week, we think we may have found it here. Not too heavy and not too poppy yet also including that touch of unique eccentricity, “Maharaja” by SVIN is a Weird Wednesday masterpiece. Complete with a very trippy and perplexing music video, “Maharaja” is an instrumental roller coaster that fans of all different genres can enjoy. To hear SVIN’s latest release Secretly We Are Gay, take a trip over to their Bandcamp page here.   

Youth Novel - “Boyish”  

Out of Ann Arbor, MI, Youth Novel is a young and talented act following the sounds of bands like Pianos Become the TeethTitle Fight and Citizen. Falling into that not-quite-post-hardcore yet not-quite-emo genre, Youth Novel shows signs that over the next few years they could very well be the next break out band from that particular niche of artists. “Boyish,” for example, highlights the quartet’s impressive song writing abilities as well as their skilled musicianship. Their latest EP Turned Around Abruptly Beside a Mirror and Jumped at My Own Reflection is available now.       

Disembarked - “Bewildered”

Melodic hardcore can be such a beautiful thing when it’s done correctly. Now, similar to Dependence and their track “Everything Blends” above, we know this song doesn’t really fall into the typical Weird Wednesday category. However, this too was just so damn good that we felt like we had to feature it anyways. Drawing similarities to Being as an OceanDefeater and quite possibly Of Machines as well, Disembarked is a passionate up-and-coming act out of Stockholm, Sweden that we here at the Noise have become very fond of. Their latest release Nothing’s Wrong Here is available now and we strongly suggest you give it a listen.