Weird Wednesday: 1/21/15


Ladies and germs, welcome back to another rad-tastic day of all things weird! As always, we have a great jam-packed lineup for you that we’re sure you’re just going to dig, dig, dig! 

Now, if you’re new to this, let us explain: By “weird” we simply mean we’ll be featuring a few tracks you metalcore kids might not usually listen to. Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because the songs below do not have any breakdowns, screams or whatever the hell this is. We know it sounds scary, but please just trust us on this one.

That said, be sure to check out what’s below and let us know on Twitter @thenoise which songs you liked the most.

Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

Foley! - “Friends Who Are Lesbian”

It isn’t very often that we come across a song where right after we hear it we immediately have to hear it again. “Friends Who Are Lesbian” by Foley! is an example of just that. As soon as we heard this whimsical Australian act sing “I love sleeping in bed with my friends who are lesbian” and end it with “because we’re so fucking yuck and filled with germs,” we knew we were hooked. To hear more from these Aussie goofballs, check out their latest full-length Ascot Vale which includes tracks like “That’s What She Said” and “You Sunk My Battleship.”   

Lee Corey Oswald - “Progress”

After being announced as one of the lucky few artists playing this year’s Van’s Warped Tour, many unfamiliar Warped fans quickly hit the “Googs” (aka Google, ya nerds) to find out exactly who these guys were. For those of you who didn’t do your research, we’re here to help. Out of Portland, Oregon and signed to No Sleep Records, Lee Corey Oswald is an up-and-coming alt-punk/emo-ish act who constructs a joyous racket of jams similar to bands like Prawn, Hard Girls and Moose Blood. To hear more from them (which you do), head here.    

Like Pacific - “Eviction”

While Pure Noise Records’ own, Like Pacific, may be a new band to some, they’ve actually been bringing their unique brand of pop-punk to fans for quite some time. According to vocalist Jordan Black, these clamorous Canadians have actually been a band for almost five years now. So with a similar style to The Story So Far, it’s great to see these guys finally get the recognition they deserve. To check out their brand new EP which dropped yesterday, click here.    

Jeff Rosenstock - “I’m So Gross”

Earlier this month, we brought you a Weird Wednesday first by featuring a band called The Thin Bloods for a second time (we also made a really big deal about it too). Today, we’re continuing the trend by bringing you a previously featured artist named Jeff Rosenstock. If you remember correctly, we first included this SideOneDummy artist and ex-Bomb the Music Industry! frontman for his upbeat and catchy tune, “Hey Allison!.” Now, Mr. Rosenstock is back with a new grungy tune similar to something you would hear back in the 90’s. If you’re diggin’ the track like we are, you can pick up both “I’m So Gross” and “Hey Allison!” here.    

Frameworks - “Loom”

Out of Gainesville, Florida, Frameworks is a well-crafted melodic hardcore band who incorporates a bevy of different influences into their loud and distinctive sound. Including everything from pop-punk, screamo, post-hardcore and everything in between, Frameworks is without a doubt an act to watch out for here in 2015. To hear their latest release, head here.