Watch Yungblud and A Giant Teddy Bear Hit The Town In New “God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out” Video

Continuing where he left off after debuting his emotional new single “God Save Me, But Down Drown Me Out” from his upcoming LP Weird!, emerging UK star Yungblud has just returned with a brand new music video.

Quite possibly inspired by the movie Ted, Yungblud’s new visual follows him and a giant teddy bear as they hit the town together processing some rather deep emotions.

Diving into the new clip, Yungblud states, “This is probably the song that safety pins the whole album together. It was the last song I wrote off Weird! and it was written at 4 am the night before I delivered the album. I kept everyone in the studio all night, so to the boys I’m sorry. I felt the emotion coming up my back and was crying my fucking eyes out for the whole vocal take, I think you can fuckin’ hear it.” 

He adds, “This song is for anyone laying awake at 4 am wondering why they can’t break through [the] wall or why they aren’t good enough. We all get lost, we all find it hard to keep fighting and to be ourselves but we’re gonna get through it together. I WONT LET MY INSECURITIES DEFINE WHO I AM.”

To check out the new video directed by Yungblud and Gavin Gottlich, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Weird! before it hits stores November 13th.