Watch This Wild Life Go Full-On Pokémon For Epic “You Swore Your Love Would Burn” Music Video

If your idea of a good time is sad songs and hangs with Ash Ketchum, this is 100% for you. Today, showing just how much they adore Pokémon, acoustic duo This Wild Live have re-created their own version of the beloved Game Boy game.   

Set to their emotional new single “You Swore Your Love Would Burn,” part-time Pokémon trainer Kevin Jordan and cosplay Pikachu Anthony Del Grosso can be seen battling it out against the likes of Side Stage Sally, E-girl Emily and Digital Princxss.   

Commenting on the creative new clip created by the band themselves, Jordan says, “My love for emo and Pokémon meet in our new music video ‘You Swore Your Love Would Burn.’ We made this video 100% DIY with $20 Animation Software, 10,000 hours of Pokémon gameplay experience, and a dream. Hope you love it.”

To check out what might just be the absolute best music video of 2021, be sure to look below.