This Wild Life Share Heartbreaking New Single “Still Wondering Why You Left Me Behind”


WARNING: If you aren’t up for crying today or you already had your daily sob, you might want to avoid this until tomorrow. Just sayin’ – you’ve been warned.

Welp, This Wild Life fans who’s ready to get emotional? Any takers? 

Following where they left off with their bummer anthems “Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time” and “You Swore Your Love Would Burn,” Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso are back yet again with another somber new single.

Titled “Still Wondering Why You Left Me Behind,” This Wild Life’s new track is written all about Jordan’s childhood growing up without a father – we told you it was going to get emotional. 

To check out the heartbreaking new track, grab some tissues and see below. For more from the band, head here.