WATCH: The Used Released A Stunning Piece Of Art For Their New Video For “The Nexus”


In support of their artsy seventh full-length album The Canyon, longtime post-hardcore outfit The Used have just dropped a new eye-catching video for their track “The Nexus.”

Following up their semi-nude dance video for “Rise Up Lights,” The Used teamed up with director Lisa Mann to put together a stunning piece of work you have to see to believe.  

“The concept for the video is a visceral love story of two identities battling for supremacy and independence only to be locked in patterned loops together throughout time told through experimental movement,“ says Mann. "I love how ‘Nexus’ is so epic, almost like a film score, so I didn’t want the video to be confined. I wanted it to have a vast loneliness to it.”

As for what beloved frontman Bert McCracken had to say about the song, he describes a nexus as “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things [that] in some ways represent failures, successes, and missed opportunities, more closely represent generational connectivity.”

Now, with that all said, prepare to be blown away by The Used’s new video for “The Nexus.” After checking out the clip below, make sure to grab tickets to see The Used out on tour here