Watch Pete Wentz Drive The Absolute Worst Uber Passengers Around In New Weezer Music Video


Look, we’ve all heard the stories. Whether it’s from our driver for the night or from friends who drive, we all know there are some pretty shitty Uber and Lyft passengers out there. 

Speaking from personal experience, the worst story we’ve heard was from a driver who told us about a dude so drunk he threw up and relieved himself in the back seat before passing out – gross, we know.

Now while that sounds pretty bad (and somehow kinda expected in a weird way, unfortunately), that doesn’t even compare to what Pete Wentz (yes, Pete Wentz) has to endure in Weezer’s brand new music video for “Can’t Knock The Hustle.”

To check out Wentz, aka Rivers Wentz, as he drives around an overstimulated couple who can’t get enough of each other, be sure to look below. For more from Weezer, including info about their upcoming Dave Sitek-produced Black Album and their recently announced 2019 tour with the Pixies, head here.