Check It Out: Here Are 100 Scene Mashups You Absolutely Need To Hear To Believe


During quarantine we imagine you’ve probably found some pretty interesting ways to keep yourself busy. From puzzles and rearranging your room to alphabetizing your personal record collection, at this point, anything to help the time pass by quicker is absolutely essential.   

For us, after taking a trip down the endless rabbit hole that is YouTube, we stumbled upon a ton of music mashups that we felt needed some more attention. 

So, as any normal person would do with literally nothing but time on their hands, we decided to compile 100 of the best emo, rock and metal mashups we could possibly find into one easy-to-digest playlist. 

If you want to hear what it would sound like to combine Panic! At The Disco with Lizzo or Mariah Carey with Marylin Manson, feel free to check out your new favorite thing on the internet below.