Fall Out Boy Made A Cartoon Called ‘Mondo Trasho 3042′ And You Can Watch All 10 Episodes Of It Now

2020 will never cease to amaze us. Seriously, just when you thought you had seen it all, pop rock vets Fall Out Boy go and release a 10-episode cartoon all about the future. 

No really, we’re not making this up. 

Started by guitarist Joe Trohman with the help of frontman Patrick Stump and produced by Pete Wentz, the new cartoon is titled Mondo Trasho 3042.  

Sort of like a music-focused Futurama (they even have comedian Brian Posehn starring as a Bender-like robot), Mondo Trasho is like nothing else the Fall Out Boy members have ever done.

Commenting on the new cartoon, the band said, “Joe got together with some friends to work on a cartoon. They considered pitching it around to different places, but decided to release it during these crazy times for your enjoyment.  Mondo Trasho 3042 is the brainchild of Joe, scored by both Patrick and Joe and produced by Pete.”

To check out the first season of the hilarious new show, be sure to see below.