Watch Norma Jean Reunite With Former Frontman Josh Scogin

As some of you may know, current ‘68 singer/guitarist Josh Scogin got his start in the world of hardcore/metalcore fronting the influential Douglasville, Georgia act Norma Jean. Working together on just one release, their debut Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child, Scogin helped write one of Norma Jean’s most chaotic and popular tracks, “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste.”

Now, fifteen years since the album’s release, Scogin and his new band (we mean, duo) ‘68 can be seen supporting Norma Jean out on their current US tour alongside Sleepwave and The Ongoing Concept. And, as you might expect, while Norma Jean rip into their complete banger of a track, the aforementioned “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste,” Scogin has been seen right by the band’s side helping create nothing short of utter chaos.  

For proof of this, check out a fan filmed video from their Nashville, TN date below. Afterwards, be sure to pick up tickets to see both Norma Jean and ‘68 here.