Photo Review: There Ain’t No Party Like A Norma Jean House Party ‘Cause A Norma Jean House Party Is Absolutely Insane

All photos by Joe Ortega

What is it about house shows that make them so special? Is it the intimate exclusivity of it all – you made it on the list! Or maybe a part of you knows what you’re doing is a bit taboo – a concert in someone’s home, that can’t be right?

Or maybe, just maybe, instead of where you’re seeing the show it’s who you’re seeing at the show like, oh we don’t know… THE ALMIGHTY NORMA JEAN!

That’s right. Recently feeling an urge to get up-close-and-personal with some of their most dedicated longtime fans, the beloved metalcore outfit decided to hit the road and perform a handful of can’t-miss, close-quartered shows. 

Performing to only 80-100 people per night in nothing but people’s basements and living rooms, as you can imagine, the shows have been absolutely insane. Just take this photo, for example. 

Luckily, before the band’s tremendous trek came to a close, we had one brave Noise contributor attend their Tulsa performance at the hot and sweaty Barkingham Palace. 

To take a look at the madness that ensued as soon as Norma Jean ripped into tracks off their brand new album All Hail, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.