Watch Neck Deep Go Out Of This World For New “I Revolve (Around You)” Music Video

Neck Deep has slowly but surely put together quite the collection of love songs. From “In Bloom” to “She’s A God” and of course “A Part of Me,” the pop-punkers have never shied away from writing from the heart.

Adding to that list today, the band has just debuted their brand new intergalactic love story “I Revolve (Around You).” 

Taken from their upcoming album All Distortions Are Intentional, as frontman Ben Barlow puts it, the new track looks at love as if it were a part of the solar system.

“‘I Revolve (Around You)’ is a song about love on a planetary scale,” he says. “It is one big metaphor, comparing love to the movement of the planets. Picturing love on that scale really makes everything else seem small and insignificant. The song comes at a point of epiphany on the record – the realisation that despite life’s trials and tribulations, love conquers all.”

Barlow added, “Musically it’s hard hitting and impactful, and actually features one of my favourite ever sections in a Neck Deep song where I got to channel my inner Tom Delonge, which for a song about space I feel is pretty fitting!”

As for the band’s fantastically animated music video, the vocalist says, “It’s the first time we’ve done a full animated video and we’re so stoked on how it came out, the amazing team at Remembers in France did a beautiful job embodying the feeling of the lyrics.”

To check out the all around amazing song and video from Neck Deep, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order All Distortions Are Intentional before it hits stores July 24th via Hopeless Records.