Great News: Neck Deep Drop Surprise New Love Song Titled “She’s A God”

Just days away from kicking off their dream tour supporting Blink-182 as they celebrate 20 years of Enema Of The State, UK pop-punk act Neck Deep has just surprised fans with a brand new single.

Titled “She’s A God,” Neck Deep’s melodic new track is dedicated to a very special someone as frontman Ben Barlow explains. 

“‘She’s A God’ is a song that is, pretty much, about worshipping your other half,” says Barlow, “but for the little things like waking up in the morning and seeing them get ready for the day. Those moments where you’re just in awe of how glorious a person can be. It’s pretty simple, no deeper meaning here, just a love song comparing a relationship to theology." 

Touching on the band’s new in-studio music video for their brand new track,  Barlow says, "Being able to be pretty close to home, without the distractions of a major city, gave us a totally new perspective and creative space to explore. We decided to shoot the music video while we were down in the studio, just taking advantage of our surroundings, and wanting to give people a little insight into what we experienced that week.” 

Barlow went on to add, “We shot the whole thing totally analog, which was exciting. Not knowing what footage you got until the film is developed was like waiting for a mini Christmas, and again, we’re stoked with what we got.”

To check out “She’s A God” to get you ready for Neck Deep’s upcoming tour, be sure to look below. Afterward, to grab tickets to see Neck Deep, head here.