WATCH: Here’s Why We’ll Never Take Oceans Ate Alaska To Guitar Center Ever Again

We don’t know about you guys but generally anytime we get to go to an instrument shop (like Guitar Center, for example) it’s always a pretty good time. You know, getting to try out some high-quality equipment you could probably never afford, shredding on some top-notch guitars and even giving the synth section a go is usually pretty entertaining. 

So, when we heard UK metalcore outfit Oceans Ate Alaska were coming to town supporting their newest LP Hikari, we thought it was a total no-brainer to take the five-piece to a local Guitar Center and watch them jam out – key word being “thought.” 

Instead, what we experienced was something we (and the Guitar Center employees) will probably never forget. Without getting into details, we highly suggest watching our five-minute video coverage of the band above. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to pick up a copy of Hikari, be sure to do so here.