Watch Oceans Ate Alaska Play With Llamas And Drones in New Live Video For “Covert”

In case you didn’t already know from our Guitar Center video, the guys in Oceans Ate Alaska like to have a little fun – and by a little, we actually mean a shit ton.

Whether it’s absolutely shredding their asses off on stage, balancing guitars on their noses or hanging out at a local petting zoo, the UK five-piece certainly live life to the fullest. Proving exactly that, the Fearless Records outfit have just dropped a brand new live video for their Hikari track “Covert” where, as we just said, the band shreds their asses off on stage, balances guitars on their noses and hangs out at a local petting zoo.    

To check out the new clip, be sure to see below. For more from Oceans Ate Alaska, head here.