Watch Ex Members of Capzise & Old Wounds Come Together To Create New Heavy Project Coarse

Just in case your week hasn’t been going as planned and you’re looking to smash literally everything in sight, Ryan Knowles and Brandon Gallagher (formerly of Capsize and Old Wounds) have the perfect soundtrack for you.

Coming via their new noisy duo Coarse, the two longtime friends have just premiered their punishing lead single “Shed.”

Taken from their forthcoming six-track EP I (due out July 27th on Zegema Beach Recordings and Secret Nature), the duo’s new track is one minute and 56-seconds of utter chaos – you know, pretty much what you’d expect from a Capsize and Old Wounds collaboration.   

When asked about the new project, former Old Wounds drummer/vocalist Gallagher simply said, “The entire project is fueled by being surrounded by the uninspired.”

To check out Coarse’s fiery new track as well as details about their upcoming release, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.  

[via MetalSucks]


1. Shed
2. Hoax
3. Only Death
4. Separation Is Survival
5. In Peril
6. No Heart