Watch Both Mark Hoppus and Wovenwar’s Nick Hipa Star In ‘Billy On The Street’


In a recent episode of Funny or Die’s Billy On The Street, comedian and game show host Billy Eichner caught up with both Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus and Wovenwar guitarist Nick Hippa.

First, playing a hilarious game of “Nicholas Cage Character or Rapper,” Hipa and his fiancé Mariah went back and forth with the outspoken Eichner attempting to show off their Nic Cage knowledge.

Then, later in the show, Hoppus was featured as a surprise celebrity guest to answer the ever important question: Which of these people are still alive? A) Sax icon Clarence Clemons B) Mrs.Garrett from The Facts of Life C) Former First Lady Betty Ford or D) Jamie Foxx’s blind gravy train Ray Charles.

To check out Hoppus’ answer as well as Hipa’s hilarious appearance, head here. For those without a cable subscription, or at least your parent’s login info, you can watch a bootlegged YouTube version below.