Watch Angel Du$t Pay Tribute To Man’s Best Friend With New Dog-Friendly “Big Ass Love” Video


In the span of a few months in 2018 Angel Du$t did some pretty kickass things. One) they signed to Roadrunner Records. Two) they toured with Every Time I Die, Turnstile and Vein and Three) released a bouncy infectious ode to their dogs titled “Big Ass Love.”

Now here in 2019, keeping that trend alive of doing kickass things, the Baltimore outfit has just dropped a brand new music video for “Big Ass Love” which pays tribute to their four-legged friends back at home.

“‘Big Ass Love‘ is about something creeping into your life and demanding your love and admiration,” says vocalist Justice Tripp (also of Trapped Under Ice).  “Most people can relate that idea to a pet. We spend a lot of time away from home so we find ways to incorporate our weird little dogs into everything we do to help us cope with being separated from them.” 

To check out the Ryan Baxley-directed music video, be sure to look below. Afterward, grab tickets to see Angel Du$t out on tour later this year here

via Fader