Volumes 'No Sleep' Album Review


Let’s cut to the chase about Volumes’ new record No Sleep. The hard-hitting sophomore release is fantastic. On pace with 2011’s release Via, Volumes has proven once again that their distinct and occasionally melodic approach to some of the heaviest music around works perfectly.  

Coming into the album, we expected some tuned down, heavy, slap-to-the-face brutality. We got just that with the record’s opener, “The Mixture.”  Released earlier in the year with an accompanying lyric video, “The Mixture” definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album. Continuing with Volumes’ merciless demeanor, the next track “91367” explodes into your ears and offers a pretty straightforward message: destroy everything.

Track three “Erased,” track four “Better Half,” and track five “Across the Bed,” however, bring us to a softer and less in-your-face side of Volumes. Expecting to be a little disappointed with the slowed-down sounds, we actually found ourselves in total support. The melodic approach we referred to earlier is in full-effect as soon as “Erased” begins - and we love it. “Better Half” continues with the same tranquility and serves as a harmonious hip-hop like interlude, impeccably interweaving the two tracks surrounding it. The latter of the three, “Across the Bed,” is possibly one of the most unforgettable tracks on the entire album offering an array of heartfelt moments that leave you coming back for more. 

Just five tracks into the album, you can really hear the diversity in Volumes’ game that sets them apart from other acts in their genre. With that said, the remaining five tracks on No Sleep are no slouches either. “Pistol Play” and “Neon Eyes” hit you like a stick of dynamite with booming guitar riffs and deafening cymbal crashes. “Vahle,” “Peace of Mind” and “Up All Night,” on the other hand, continue where “Erased,” “Better Half” and “Across the Bed” left off. 

At the end of the day, some might label No Sleep as another djent, progressive metal, metalcore or groove metal kind of album. As for us, No Sleep cannot fit under one category. This album is breathtaking and absolutely breaks the mold of any “sound” that is out there today.   


 1.  “The Mixture“
 2.  “91367“
 3.  “Erased“
 4.  “Better Half“
 5.  “Across The Bed“
 6.  “Pistol Play“
 7.  “Vahle“
 8.  “Neon Eyes“
 9.  “Peace Of Mind“
10. “Up All Night“