Volumes Share Experimental New Single “Weighted”


Continuing where they left off with their previously released singles “Holywater” and “Pixelate,” progressive metalcore outfit Volumes have just returned with yet another hard-hitting track. 

Titled “Weighted,” the band’s experimental new song dives into a wide array of feelings as well as different instrumentation.   

“This song is about self-doubt and the shortcomings that come with any type of success,“ says singer Michael Barr, who returned to the lineup after a five-year absence this past spring. “It’s about the ups and the downs in life and the interpersonal and irrational conversation you have about convincing yourself into doing things.”

Bassist Raad Soudani adds, “It’s definitely a fun song. It’s a blend of heavy instrumentation with vibrant production with chunky guitar groove on the verse, with a playful vocal melody on top. It’s also got an in-your-face, aggressive catchy hook and a bit of a carefree, middle finger attitude to it.”

To check out the new song and accompanying music video, be sure to look below.