Track By Track: Dig Deep Into Boundaries’ Gruesome Hardcore Bruiser ‘My Body In Bloom’


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re currently in the midst of a hardcore-meets-metalcore revival. With bands like Code Orange and Knocked Loose leading charge and acts like Vein, Candy, Sanction, Year Of The Knife, Jesus Piece and many more right behind them, 2019 could be the year heavy, passion-lead metallic hardcore gets the attention it fully deserves.

Following in the footsteps of the aforementioned acts are Connecticut noisemakers Boundaries. Combining all levels of hardcore and metalcore (and even some screamo) on their lastest Unbeaten Records release My Body In Bloom, the East Coast quintet provide listeners a wide array of sounds to mosh, scream and completely lose their minds to.

“This record is an exhausting attempt at proving to ourselves and everyone else that we exist,” says vocalist Matt McDougal about his band’s new six-track EP. “That we exist as song writers with passion, influence, and creativity. That we are full of doubt and damage. We tried so hard to create something that is wholly ours, wholly us, to wear everything about us as a band on our sleeves.”

Demonstrating exactly that, My Body In Bloom is a thunderous and heart-pounding record that will shake you to your core both musically and lyrically. Touching on everything from divorce to self-reflection while also showcasing influences from Hatebreed all the way to As I Lay Dying, Boundaries’ aren’t afraid to push themselves or stay within the confines of their genre to achieve what it is they’re looking for – which, from the sound of this record, is complete and utter chaos.

Now in order to give fans a look into writing this impeccable record, McDougal sat down with The Noise for an exclusive track-by-track walkthrough explaining all six songs on My Body In Bloom. To check out the dark details behind Boundaries’ bruising new release, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy here.


1) Kill Me Patiently

“Kill Me Patiently” is a song about a mindset that I wish I had more often. It’s about not being hopeless in the face of criticism, failure, and judgment – to own your vision and give yourself a reason to keep going when it feels like you’re the only one still giving a shit.

2) Blush 

This song is literally about my mother’s relationships after her and my father got divorced. It’s figuratively about being trapped in a cycle of disappointment in others for allowing them to build you up and in yourself for not expecting them to be the one to knock you down.

3) Hesitation Wounds

“Hesitation Wounds” is about not always having the strength to hold off your most harsh thoughts about yourself. Always feeling like you’re letting someone down, hating yourself because you can’t handle things like going to school when everyone else in the building seems fine, wishing you could just be like everyone else. 

4) My Body In Bloom

The title track encompasses the through-line of the entire record. After a certain number of years, you’ve had enough experiences [and] learned enough about who you are as a person to be “done” growing up. There’s an expectation to have your identity figured out. But what if you don’t like what you see once there’s no more time left?

5) Pain Medicine

They say to boil a frog without it jumping out of the pot, you have to slowly turn up the heat so it doesn’t notice it’s in danger. “Pain Medicine” is about noticing the heat immediately but not being able to bring yourself to move until it’s too late, the lid is already on. 

6) Crxss My Heart 

Everyone wants to think they’re a better person than they are. This song is about me trying to deal with the fact that I might be a worse person than I think I am.