Thursday To Reunite For Atlanta’s Wrecking Ball Fest

While we usually don’t write about one off festivals (e.g., Fort Rock, Welcome To Rockville, etc.) as it’s for a pretty specific audience and it might bum out those in other areas who can’t make the trip, this year’s Wrecking Ball fest is way too good not to discuss.

With an already jam-packed lineup featuring the likes of Quiksand, L7, Motion City Soundtrack, American Football, Deafheaven, Anti-Flag, Microwave and a whole bunch more, there’s one band in particular that might catch a few people’s attention. 

See that fourth band at the top? Yeah, a little act named Thursday? Maybe you’ve heard of them. Well, somehow someway the fine folks at The Wrecking Ball fest have found a way to convince Geoff Rickly and co. to reunite and we couldn’t be any more stoked – well, maybe if the show was on the West Coast.

Anyways, tickets for the festival will go on sale April 1 and can be found here.