Thomas Erak Leaves Chiodos to Focus on The Fall of Troy

Since the release of their fourth full-length album Devil back in April, veteran post-hardcore act Chiodos has seen a significant amount of member changes. First it was Derrick Frost and Matt Goddard back in September (who were replaced by Thomas Pridgen (the Mars Volta) on drums and Joe Troy (RX Bandits) on bass) and now it looks like guitarist Thomas Erak will be leaving the band as well.

According to tweets from his own Twitter account - which you can see below - Erak revealed that he will be stepping down in order to focus on his old band The Fall of Troy as well as his home life.

While this news may come as a huge blow for Chiodos fans, it also comes with much excitement for fans of The Fall of Troy who saw the trio break up back in 2010.

For Chiodos supporters curious about the band’s upcoming shows with We Came As Romans, Sleepwave and Slaves, don’t fear. The band hasn’t shown any signs that they will be dropping off any of their future tours.