Hear Craig Owens Continue To Embrace New R&B/Pop Project badxchannels With Two New Tracks “BB” and “RXRX”


Just when you thought November’s release of WHYDFML was maybe the last you’d be hearing of ex-Chodios frontman Craig Owens and his new r&b/pop-friendly project badxchannels until a full-length LP was released, the outgoing vocalist has gone ahead and surprised fans with not one but two brand new tracks.

Titled as “BB” and “RXRX,” the two new singles dive headfirst into Owens’ newfound love affair with electronic hip-hop beats and pop sensibility. Pretty much, if badxchannels’ five-track EP was the intro course into Owens’ new sound, these two tracks are the intermediate levels fully revealing the singer’s transformation. 

 To check out both “BB” and “RXRX” for yourself, be sure to look below.