The Word Alive Drop Surprise New Single “Misery”

Well, this is a nice surprise! While currently out touring Europe with Asking Alexandria (and new drummer Matt Horn), the guys in The Word Alive have just dropped a brand new stand-alone single dubbed “Misery.”

“We wanted to bridge the gap between our newest album Dark Matter and the writing process of what will become our fifth studio album. It’s incredible to know the exact direction we will be exploring with our next record before writing even one song,” wrote the band on their Facebook page. “After Warped Tour it was clear that we had something special with our newer material, especially songs like ‘Trapped,’ ‘Made This Way,’ and ‘Dreamer.’ We wanted to morph those songs into something that would be an extension of those three songs in particular. Heavy, ambient, ominous at times and much more personal than our previous material. So we booked studio time with Matt Good (Dark Matter) to write an additional song. We booked five days with Matt and wrote ‘Overdose’ within the first two days. We were feeling in the groove so we decided to aim for a second single. What came of that session was ‘Misery.’ 

The band continued to touch on the new track saying, “It’s [an] extremely personable song that took influence from not just many of our [fan’s] stories over the years, but our own experiences in past relationships. Toxic people unfortunately have a way of disguising themselves in the beginning, only to show their true colors down the line. There’s hope in this tormented story though and we hope you find yours. We’ll be playing this song on all upcoming tours in 2017 so learn the words. The energy of this song live has been incredible every night of this tour, thank you.”

To check out the new, vibe-heavy track, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’re in Europe, be sure to grab tickets to see The Word Alive here.