The Word Alive Debut New Video For Emotional Single “Why Am I Like This?”


In anticipation of their upcoming album Violent Noise hitting stores May 4th, veteran post-hardcore outfit The Word Alive have just debuted their newest single “Why Am I Like This?.”

“‘Why Am I Like This?’ is about pursuing something that more than likely you know you shouldn’t or that might not be the healthiest choice for you,“ explains vocalist Telle Smith. "The last two years I experienced making choices that took me further away from who I wanted to be and I was living in the moment with no regard for how it would affect me or someone else. It’s about finding that person who is kind of the devil on your shoulder and you want them to tell you what you’re doing is ok so you can rationalize it and justify it. It’s about the fact that sometimes it ends up being the wrong decision, and sometimes, very rarely it ends up proving everything you know wrong and being the best thing for you. But you don’t know which it will be in the moment.” 

To check out The Word Alive’s emotional new track and video, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to not only pre-order the band’s new LP but also grab tickets to see them out on tour here

[via Loudwire]