The Used Share New Eerie Pop-Laced Single “Cathedral Bell”


Inching closer and closer to the release of their forthcoming album Heartwork, scene staples The Used have just shared their eerie new single “Cathedral Bell.”

Sounding like something out of a blockbuster sci-fi film, The Used’s latest takes frontman Bert McCracken back to his childhood days battling insomnia.   

“[‘Cathedral Bell’ reminds me of being a little kid,” he says. “I had a really hard time with sleeping when I was younger. I just never wanted to go to bed, and when I did, I could never sleep. It just reminds me of being young and in the dark and up way past my bedtime.”

To check out the latest single from The Used, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Heartwork before it hits stores April 24th.

via Nylon