The Kayne West and Queens of the Stone Age Mashup You Always Wanted Is Now A Thing


Whether you’re reading this because you’re a huge fan of Queens of the Stone Age, Kanye West or just mashups in general – or for some reason you thought the album artwork was from a new cartoon you might be interested in – you came to the right place.

From Bandcamp user ToToM, Kayne of the Stone Age, aka the weirdly intriguing Coachella-approved mashup of controversial Chi-town emcee/producer Kanye West and hard rock mainstays Queen of the Stone Age, is a surprisingly engaging combination of two of music’s biggest and most influential acts. 

We aren’t too sure how the idea for this collaboration came about (and whether or not it was cooked up on a sun-soaked, acid-filled weekend out at Bonnaroo), but wherever ToToM got the idea, we approve. 

To check out the album in full, be sure to look below. Afterwards, stream another Yezzy mashup record with none other than nerd rock champions Weezer, here.