The Dillinger Hip Hop Plan

Diehard Dillinger Escape Plan fans may want to plug their ears for this. Better yet, you may want to cover your eyes as well because this is going to get a little weird.

Strolling through the web as we at the Noise usually do, we came across something that caught all of our attention. No, it wasn’t some celebrity attempting to raise awareness for ALS or even a funny cat video, what caught our attention was that Converse released a new EP featuring a collaboration from the Dillinger Escape Plan and rapper Jarren Benton.   

The track called “Rage” – which may or may not be named after its similarity to Rage Against the Machine — is featured on Converse’s Cons EP Volume 2 which includes the more sensible pairings of Vince Staples and Bad Rabbits as well as Black Milk and BADBADNOTGOOD. As for “Rage,” if you’re expecting something like Dillinger’s cover of Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power,” you’re going to be very surprised with this one.

Although, we here love the track and think it’s the best the EP has to offer, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear backlash from Dillinger “purists.” The song sways way more hip hop than it does hardcore and because of that, some might not approve.

So, with that said, be sure to give “Rage” a listen below and let us know what you think on Twitter @thenosie. We’ll be waiting.