Apparently There’s A New Glassjaw Album In The Works Featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Billy Rymer


Well damn, talk about some exciting news. According to The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Billy Rymer, 2017 may be better than expected thanks in part to a brand new Glassjaw album featuring Rymer behind the kit.

That’s right, in a recent appearance on the 100 Words Or Less podcast, Rymer revealed he laid down “a whole album’s worth of material” for a new Glassjaw record currently in the works. 

“I recorded a record for them that’s probably due to come out sometime like 2036,” said Rymer jokingly. “I would think somewhere between then and… yeah. No, hopefully it will be out next year, I’m not exactly sure what… I don’t know how much they want me talking about that cause they’re very private with their stuff and their business. But I tracked a bunch of songs for them—a whole album’s worth of material—and I guess they’re just waiting to see how they’re going to release it. As far as playing live, it’s definitely a possibility.”

Well there you have it, with 2016 sadly saying goodbye to The Dillinger Escape Plan, 2017 may lead to a pretty kickass Glassjaw lineup featuring a now not-so-busy Rymer on drums. 

Oh, and not to mention, as if Rymer working on Glassjaw wasn’t exciting enough, the longtime musician also publicized his work on an unannounced Envy On The Coast record. Yeah, 2017 here we come.

[via The PRP]