The 22 Best Things We Heard On Bandcamp This Month


Hello everybody and welcome back to our monthly new music showcase. If you missed out on last month and are wondering what’s going on, let us explain:

Pretty much, we here at The Noise have been trying to create fun and creative ways to give smaller and possibly lesser-known artists a piece of the spotlight on our website. After trying a couple ideas (Weird Wednesdays & 22 Artists to Hear), we’ve decided to have another go-around. This time, nothing cute or fancy – we’re just going to let the music do all the talking.

So, below you can find the 22 best things we found on Bandcamp for the month of July. Enjoy.

(PS. Some of the music on this list came out earlier in the year and we just now happened to stumble upon it. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?)

Capstan – Cultural Divide

Life Lessons – I Know What I’m Not

The Giver – Yours Truly

True Love – Heaven’s Too Good For Us

Petrol Girls – Some Thing

Romancer – As We Both Close In On The Water

The Unlovables – Reunion Show

Meek Is Murder – Was

The Jasons – Get Fucked

Walleater – Can You Feel My Love? / Lifeline

Glacier Veins – Clear Your Head

Calling All Captains – Disconnect

Mumblr – The Never Ending Get Down

Stiffslack – Oneday / Doesn’t

Pitt The Elder – Radio Silence

The Most – At Once

Too Late – Too Late

Foxtrot – Habitats

Dig It Up – Bad Water

Terrible Love – Change Nothing

Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird – Under The Ultraviolet Light

Lobby Boxer – Big Bucks