01/2018 - The 20 Best Things We Heard On Bandcamp This Month

Well hello everybody and welcome back to our monthly new music showcase. If you’ve been wondering to yourself, “Damn, I wonder why The Noise hasn’t been giving any love to Bandcamp bands like they used to” you’re in luck!

After taking a break from doing our monthly showcases of Bandcamp bands, we’ve decided it’s time to bring it back for 2018 and re-shine a light on some of the best up-and-coming bands on Bandcamp.

Now, if you missed out on our previous posts and are wondering what’s going on, let us explain:

Pretty much, we at The Noise have been trying to create fun and creative ways to give smaller and possibly lesser-known artists a piece of the spotlight here on our website. After trying a couple ideas (Weird Wednesdays & 22 Artists to Hear), we’ve decided to have another go-around. This time, nothing cute or fancy – we’re just going to let the music do all the talking.

So below you can find the 20 best things we found on Bandcamp for the month of January. Enjoy.

Match Facts - Afterthought

Humanform - Dead Men Tell Cautionary Tales

HOLO -Getting Things Started

As The Sky Darkens - The End

Ganglions- Thirsty

Scenes We Have Missed - Broken But Blessed

Maybe May - Crimes 

Aviations - The Light Years

Snape - Always 

Siren’s Image - Thirteen Times Or More

Terrible Love - Doubt Mines

Dependence - I Just Needed A Little Time

These Five Years - How It’s Been

Noiseware - Clouds At Last

Retrosphere - In Motion

Built On Loss - Built On Loss

Echos Of Misanthropy - Faux Narcissism 

Dirty $prite - $treetcrawler   

Eye Of Ascendancy - Marauder 

Crown Magnetar - The Prophet Of Disgust