The 20 Best Things We Heard On Bandcamp This (Past) Month

Hello everybody and welcome back to our monthly new music showcase. If you missed out on last month and are wondering what’s going on, let us explain:

Pretty much, we at The Noise have been trying to create fun and creative ways to give smaller and possibly lesser-known artists a piece of the spotlight here on our website. After trying a couple ideas (Weird Wednesdays & 22 Artists to Hear), we’ve decided to have another go-around. This time, nothing cute or fancy – we’re just going to let the music do all the talking.

So, below you can find the 20 best things we found on Bandcamp for the month of November. Enjoy.

(PS. Yes, it’s technically December now but big whoop, wanna fight about it?)

Swain - The Long Dark Blue

Atsuko Chiba - The Memory Empire

Sit Calm - Graphite

No Joy - Drool Sucker

The Empty Page - Unfolding

Vaureen - Violence EP

Forever In Debt - EP 2016

生 Conform 死’ - Vol I: Cigarette Lullaby

WAAX - Same Same 

Curtsy & Cry - Sally

Wilted Petals - I’m Happy

Somewhere South Of Here - With Her Came The Birds 

Original Sharks - Dirty Little Weekend

Milkshakes - Juvenilia 

Camp High Gain - On The Word Of No One

Young Adventurers - Short Sighted 

The Sinking Teeth - Songs From The Bottom Of The Lake 

Cowards - Still 

Falls Apart - May Nothing But Happiness Find You 

Terrarium - Rebirth