Surprise: Northlane Pull An Avenged Sevenfold And Drop Unexpected Album ‘Mesmer’


Rejoice Northlane fanatics! You’re about to be mesmerized. Fresh off releasing their new single “Citizen,” Northlane pulled a Beyoncé and dropped a surprise new album titled Mesmer. The LP was recorded with producer David Bendeth, who also worked with the likes of Paramore and Bring Me The Horizon. While it was an unexpected move for the progressive metal band, the album has fans more than excited.  

In regards to the surprise release, the band said it is their way of “rewarding our fans for everything.”  

“Through determination, hard work, sacrifice and a bit of luck, we are able to travel the world taking our music to fans both old and new,” the band shared in a statement online.

Northlane also said the recording process was the “toughest we’ve ever endured” but have come out of it a with a record they’re extremely proud of.  

“For us, nothing compares to the feeling we get from connecting with our fans who love and respect our art. To share in that with them is everything to us, and when it came down to it – it was the one thing that mattered the most,” they said.  

“We’ve been tested every step of the way and have come out the other side with something we are truly proud of. We didn’t want to keep it from you a moment longer than we had to. We felt we owed it to this album to try and think creatively about every aspect of the way people would experience Mesmer, like a gift from us to you that is being unboxed. We wanted to make everyone’s discovery of this moment special.”

And let us tell you, they did! Northlane will also be doing Pop-Up Shops and signing events in Melbourne and Sydney this weekend. So, if you happen to be in the Gold Coast of Australia RSVP to these free shows, right here.  

Now check out the full album below and afterwards, you can purchase it here