Hear CrazyEightyEight, Northlane, Spritbox & More Give Rage Against The Machine A Metalcore Makeover

With all the disturbing things going on the world lately, Rage Against The Machine’s 1991 smash hit “Killing In The Name” has received a lot of attention. 

Rightfully so, the protest anthem has been heard at BLM rallies all across the US with others like Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker choosing to cover the song to help fuel the fire. 

Now, following where MGK and Barker left off, post-hardcore outfit CrazyEightyEight (featuring comedian Jarrod Alonge, As It Is’ Patty Walters and Red Handed Denial’s Lauren Babic) are giving the track their own hard-hitting twist.

With the help of vocalists from Northlane, Spiritbox, The Anchor and more, CrazyEightyEight take the RATM classic and turn it into a brutal metalcore banger.

Commenting on the new cover, CrazyEightyEight posted, “Black Americans are over twice as likely to be killed by police than white Americans. Senseless hate crimes and incidence of coronavirus deaths spreading throughout African American communities display the continuance of systematic racism and privilege granted to white people in the US. We encourage you to educate yourself on these issues and make the decision to donate to a charity that effectively serves such communities.” 

“In the meantime,” they added, “you can use this song to help yourself stay angry.”

To check out the heavy rendition with it’s face-melting “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” breakdown, be sure to see below.