Story Of The Year Debut Stunning New Video For “Bang Bang”

To celebrate the release of their brand new, unexpected LP Wolves (aka their first new album in over six years), screamo-era juggernauts Story Of The Year have just dropped a brand new music video for their lead single “Bang Bang.”

“Our live shows have always been our calling card, [it’s] sort of what we’re known for,” says guitarist Ryan Phillips in regards to their new video. “The synthesis of the ‘Bang Bang’ video essentially revolved around tapping into that live energy in a visually appealing and mysterious way, capturing a raw, guttural performance. Something to remind people that we’re back and rock harder than ever! The other objective was to incorporate the WOLVES album concept by interweaving a dream sequence in which Dan [Marsala, vocalist] is being hunted by werewolves while on a mission to rescue his muse. His muse, represented by a frail, timid rabbit, is symbolic of all that is opposite of the ferocity of a wolf. This video was completely DIY – us hiring our friends, pooling our resources and going out in the woods and being creative.” 

To check out Story Of The Year’s impressive new clip, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to grab a copy of Wolves, make sure to do so here