Holy Shit: Story Of The Year Are Back And Here’s Their First New Song In Seven Years


Oh 2010, what a year it was. Lost and was sadly coming to an end, Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was topping the charts, the iPad had just hit stores and, more importantly to this post, Story Of The Year released what most fans thought to be their final album The Constant – key word being thought.

Fast forward seven years to 2017 and here we are excited to announce that the Missouri post-hardcore outfit has returned with a brand new album titled Wolves and a killer new single called “Bang Bang.”      

“It’s pretty crazy that it’s been seven years since The Constant,” says Story Of The Year vocalist Dan Marsala. “We decided to take a break after that record because we’d been touring for eight or nine years and worked ourselves really hard. But we had no idea the break would last seven years. The time just flew by. We’d do a couple of tours and then say, ‘We’ll start writing next week…’ It’s crazy how time just gets away from you. We all started families during this time off and got preoccupied with that, so the fact that we finally got around to writing new music feels great! The new songs are very genuine, and everything that happened with Wolves happened very naturally. I think people are going to be pleased with it.”  

“[’Bang Bang’] was the first song I finished vocally and sent back to the band,” Marsala adds. “Completing ‘Bang Bang’ was the moment where we realized, ‘Okay, this is what Story Of The Year sounds like now.’ That was the point at which we got excited for this new record. It’s got all the classic elements of our band: It’s fast and heavy, but melodic; and lyrically, it encompasses the message of the album at large – the idea of the wolves closing in and time running out. The lyrics on Wolves are some of the most personal I’ve ever written. It’s very vulnerable and dark, but it’s my favorite thing I’ve written in the last 10 years. Life has changed a lot recently, and the record is about growing up and how life hits you. Wolves is a metaphor for time slipping away; how it’s like a pack of wolves closing in. For the last couple of records, I dabbled in politics and socio-economic issues, but for this album, I wanted to get back to focusing on me.” 

Well, there you have it! Story Of The Year is officially back and you can hear their impressive new single “Bang Bang” below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order the band’s new album Wolves via Pledge Music before it hit stores everywhere December 8th.  

[via Alt Press]