Spanish Love Songs Debut Emotional Second Single “Losers 2″

With just about two weeks to go until they release their brand new album Brave Faces Everyone, Pure Noise Records outfit Spanish Love Songs have just debuted their second new single. 

Opening up about the emotional new track “Losers 2,” lead vocalist and songwriter Dylan Slocum said, “This is another case of taking what we do well and trying to focus it outwards. I’ve had plenty of people ask why the songs continue to get bleaker and bleaker, but I feel like the answer is pretty obvious. This is the world we know. It’s the world I see my friends stuck in and that I’ve seen my family stuck in. Everyone works themselves to the bones to just survive. Not to say that we’re not incredibly privileged - I’m aware - but I wanted to look outward and just acknowledge that for the roughly 99% of us, life is an endless grind, so it’s okay to feel down on it. Like, of course you’re anxious when you could fall and hit your head and have [your] entire life derailed by hospital bills.” 

Slocum added, “So ‘Losers’ is the anthem where we try to be defiant and throw up a middle finger - whatever, ‘we’re losers forever.’ But ‘Losers 2′ is the hangover. It’s us wrapping our heads around that grind and feeling like we can’t escape it. And like so much of the album, it’s about trying to empathize with others over this collective gloom.”

To check out Spanish Love Songs’ new song, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to not only pre-order Brave New Faces before it hits stores February 7th but also grab tickets to see the band out on tour with The Wonder Years here.