Sleep On It Announce New Reimagined EP ‘Somewhere Better,’ Share New Version Of “After Tonight”

Looking to give last year’s LP Pride & Disaster a fun 2020 update, pop-punk outfit Sleep On It have just announced the release of their new EP Somewhere Better.

Featuring five reimagined tracks from their sophomore album, the band’s new release shows them experimenting with various new sounds and genres.  

“As a band, our listening habits are all over the board,” says the Chicago quartet. “When coronavirus really hit and everything got shut down, we were halfway through our headline tour promoting Pride & Disaster. On the drive home, we made the conscious decision that we weren’t going to slow down. I loved the challenge of taking our songs and giving them new life in a completely different way.” 

“It’s 2020,” the band added, “so the rulebook (if there ever really was one) is totally out the window for us.”

For your first look at Somewhere Better, be sure to check out “After Tonight (reimagined)” below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the EP here.


Somewhere Better Track Listing

01. After Tonight (reimagined)  
02. The Cycle of Always Leaving (reimagined)
03. Racing Towards A Red Light (reimagined)
04. Lost & Found (reimagined)
05. Under The Moment (reimagined)

Original Version: