Sit Back & Relax: Here’s Iration’s New Single “Coastin’” Plus Their Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Summer During Quarantine


Is there anything more “summer” than chillin’ poolside with friends listening to nothing but reggae music? 

While this summer may look a little different amid the current COVID stay at home restrictions, there is still one constant: relaxing with reggae music is an absolute must. 

Thankfully, skilled vibe-makers Iration are doing their part by providing everyone’s perfect summertime soundtrack. Superbly titled Coastin’, Iration’s new 13-track LP is set to hit beaches near you July 10th.   

Now, while we all await the arrival of the band’s seventh studio album to help lower our blood pressure and increase the mellow vibes, Iration is teaming up with The Noise to help improve your summer at home. 

Not only are we premiering the laid-back title track from their upcoming record – which frontman Micah Pueschel describes as a song “about slowing down and letting the world and life come to you” – but bassist Adam Taylor has also put together a list of the top 10 ways to enjoy summer during quarantine.      

To check out Taylor’s list as well as the band’s new single, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Coastin’ here.

01. Surfing

I live in Ventura, CA close to the beach, so a typical morning will be coffee then surf check by bike with my dog Rudy.

02. Recording

Our drummer Joe lives a few blocks down the street so he’ll usually bike over and cut a few beats on his digital drum set, which is set up at my house. These are usually for demos but we’ve been using the space and time to record at-home quarantine sessions of songs off our new album Coastin’ coming out July 10th.


03. Hiking

We’re lucky to be close to Santa Barbara and Ojai, two places that have hikes with water up in the hills, so that’s a good way to keep socially distant and get some exercise.

04. Cooking

Quarantine life has helped expand my knowledge in the kitchen. Have also saved heaps without eating out so much – though I do look forward to some of my favorite restaurants once the pandemic is over.

05. Zoom

We love to enjoy virtual happy hour before dinner with friends and family. Great way to not feel so isolated.

06. Meditation

I just recently started this but have found it’s a great way to quiet my mind, set a daily intention and start my day with a positive mindset.

07. Gardening 

I recently bought my first house, it’s a small California bungalow made in the 20’s with a pretty neglected outdoor area. The projects are never-ending but keep me busy and I love getting creative with the landscape.

08. Cards

My girlfriend Hailey and I play Trumps. Super easy card game but we make it interesting by having the loser do the dishes or give a ten minute back rub. I usually win haha.

09. Ding Repair

Surfing and music are my main hobbies so I enjoy getting my hands dirty with fiberglass and resin and fixing my old boards that need a little TLC.

10. The Uplifter

We started a band podcast to discuss positive news stories, tales from the road and all things Iration. We have 13 episodes so far, it’s available on YouTube, Spotify, etc, so be sure to tune in! And check out our new album Coastin’!