Listen Up: Here Are Hot Mulligan’s Four Favorite Records To Jam On 4/20


Today, we’re here to celebrate two things: Excellent music and marijuana. And with that, who better to help out than alt-emo shredders Hot Mulligan.

Fresh off the release of their boppy new single “Pop Shuvit (Hall Of Meat, Duh),” we asked the Michigan natives to list their goto records for today’s national hippie holiday, 4/20.    

To check out which artists they’ll be jamming out to today while possibly enjoying some laughing grass or devil’s lettuce, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Hot Mulligan’s new five-track EP I Won’t Reach Out To You before it hits stores May 28th via Wax Bodega.

Ryan “Spice” Malicsi:

My 4/20 album is Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood by Cory Wong. It has absolutely nothing to do with weed but it’s pretty much ‘Good Vibes: the Album.’ Get sautéed and shake your ass or stare into the wall and wonder how trombones work.

Nathan “Tades” Sanville:

Homey by CHON. I don’t smoke weed, this is just me generally saying CHON is good. It’s loud, chaotic, and pretty. It’s like the audio equivalent of a kaleidoscope.

Brandon Blakeley:

My weed album would have to be I Do Perceive by Owen. It’s so chill and they’re the perfect songs to let your brain float away to.

Chris Freeman:

My goto 4/20 album is Passive Me, Aggressive You by The Naked and Famous. It’s just great for the time of year when all the snow is gone for the first time and you’re listening to music in the car with the windows down. It’s good stoner music too if you want to get lost in the synths.